Environmental Litigation

Attorneys in Keller Rohrback’s Complex Litigation Group have a long history of successfully represented individuals and class members in a wide range of important environmental litigation.

Whether working for victims of oil spills, communities exposed to toxic materials, or people who purchased contaminated or defective products, Keller Rohrback’s team of experienced environmental litigators have helped to protect people and the environment across the country.

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Mass Environmental Torts

Keller Rohrback represented fishermen, landowners, and businesses located in Prince William Sound in their action against Exxon to recover damages caused by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. A federal jury awarded a $5 billion judgment in favor of Keller Rohrback clients. Additional claims against the pipeline owner were settled for $98 million.

Keller Rohrback has handled many other important environmental cases. For example, our attorneys represented a community whose drinking water was contaminated by years of illegal waste disposal. Our attorneys have litigated against companies that sold contaminated heating oil, operated metal smelting operations that poisoned a neighborhood’s air, and dumped heavy metals on the ground for decades.

Environmental Health

The attorneys at Keller Rohrback have scored profound victories for environmental health. For example, the Santa Clara River, the last free-flowing river in southern California, is home to dozens of threatened and endangered species. Sadly, the health of the River’s ecosystem is threatened by pollutants discharged from facilities through storm water. Working on behalf of a coalition of tribal groups and non-profit organizations, Keller Rohrback took on one of the largest sources of storm water pollution in the headwaters of the River. Keller Rohrback negotiated a ground-breaking settlement with the facility, requiring it to install state-of-the-art treatment technology, develop and implement a comprehensive site management plan, and pay $300,000 to a local foundation that has performed critical habitat restoration and mitigation projects along the Santa Clara River.

Leonard Barson, Keller Rohrback alumnus and current Senior Policy Advisor for the Nature Conservancy, successfully represented a coalition of environmental groups advocating for the removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams from the Olympic National Park. He did this work on a pro bono basis while at Keller Rohrback from 1989 to 1992 and from 1995 to 1998.

According to the Seattle Times, “The Elwha watershed is booming with new life, after the world’s largest dam removal.”

Consumer Products

A number of Keller Rohrback’s consumer products cases have focused on environmental health issues, including lead paint in toys and industrial chemicals such as bisphenol-A found in plastic consumer goods like baby bottles. Through these cases, our Firm has successfully removed countless toxic products from the market, protecting people and the environment.

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