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Uncontrolled wildfires are true disasters which can result in catastrophic property damage, personal injury, trauma, unimaginable financial hardship, and even the death of loved ones, both human and animal. Without warning, all of your dreams and belongings can be turned to ashes in mere moments. For most of our clients, a wildfire is the most traumatic event of their lives.

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Utilities Fire Risk


Many catastrophic fires are predictable and preventable. Given the warming climate, utilities and others who can start fires are aware of the risk of doing so. At Keller Rohrback, we are experienced at holding accountable powerful entities that neglect their societal duties and start these fires, sometimes destroying whole communities. Courts around the nation have entrusted Keller Rohrback to take the lead on complex tort cases, including wildfire cases.  

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Following a wildfire, you may have a variety of legal rights to pursue, from personal injury or loss of a loved one to property damage and loss of business income. Insurance rarely if ever can cover the full range of losses from a catastrophic wildfire.

At Keller Rohrback, we understand the profound pain and devastation that wildfires can cause families, businesses, and communities. We talk about it with our clients every day. Our dedicated team of wildfire attorneys specializes in providing comprehensive legal representation to individuals, businesses, and communities affected by devastating wildfires and are committed to helping our clients hold responsible parties accountable in order to obtain the compensation and justice they deserve.

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Learn More about our active wildfire cases and investigations:

Maui Wildfire:  In August of 2023, this series of wildfires ravaged the island of Maui, decimating the historic town of Lahaina and causing untold property damage and loss of life. Residents are still reeling from the devastation.  Keller Rohrback  has partnered with the Hawaii law firm of Starn, O’Toole, Marcus and Fisher as well as the firm of Stoll Berne to investigate this tragedy and wants to hear about your experience.

PacifiCorp Fire Litigation: In 2023, Keller Rohrback and its co-counsel successfully took PacifiCorp and Pacific Power to trial for the 2020 Oregon wildfires, pursuing individual claims that resulted in a jury verdict that awarded millions of dollars in compensation to wildfire victims.

Marshall Fire: More than 1,000 homes and commercial buildings were damaged or destroyed, and approximately 6,000 acres of land were burned, in this tragic but preventable disaster in Boulder County, Colorado.  Keller Rohrback is actively pursuing litigation on behalf of fire victims in this matter. Keller Rohrback serves on the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee for the Marshall Fire litigation in Colorado.

Babb Road Fire: On April 8, 2022, Keller Rohrback L.L.P. filed a class action lawsuit against Avista Corporation for the damage to property caused by the 2020 Babb Road fire, which largely destroyed the towns of Malden and Pine City in Whitman County, Washington. Keller Rohrback L.L.P. is actively pursuing litigation on behalf of fire victims in this matter. 

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