Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support Resource Center

Concerned about the lack of care your loved one has received in a long-term care facility? Keller Rohrback is here to help.

We are in uncharted waters as a global society. No one is untouched by the COVID-19 global pandemic, and our firm is here to provide support to those who need trusted advice at this troubled time. If you or a family member residing at the Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington or similar long-term care facility feel that your health or safety has been compromised because of unsafe practices, Keller Rohrback L.L.P. is here to help. Please contact us at (800) 776-6044 or for a consultation at no cost to you.

Were you a passenger on a COVID-19 infected cruise ship?

Your health and safety may have been compromised, and Keller Rohrback is here to provide support. We are investigating whether Carnival Cruises—the owner of Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises, and Holland America Line—put its passengers at risk of contracting COVID-19. Please contact our consumer protection team at (800) 776-6044 or to learn more about your legal rights.

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